XJumper is a collection of NFTs that allow you to join our play-to-earn jumping game.

XJumper is the first ready to play game on the XRPL with its own unique play-to-earn ecosystem.

Play with your NFT

Compete with the world’s best jumpers using your unique jumping nft in our enjoyable play-to-earn game. Put your skills to the test in a competitive environment for the chance to win big.




Combined by 275+ different traits

Your NFT will be your personal key providing you access to jumpworld and the projects play-to-earn features.


The platform that allows external projects to use our enjoyable web-based game to boost both their engagement and exposure.

Mobile Game

Feel like jumping on the go? We got you covered with our mobile game. Just promise us you won’t jump and drive.


A solid project with a clear and ready to implement roadmap

Phase 1

- Idea & Concept Development
- Game Development
   - Power up’s integration
   - Kicking integration
   - Monsters integration
   - New Themes Development

Phase 2

We start off XJumper with a bang by releasing our beta game before anything else, expect to see:

- Whitepaper & Roadmap Development
- Marketing Plan Development
- Creation of 10.000 unique Xjumper NFTs
- Beta game Launch
- Public sale

Phase 3

Once the first phase is rounded up and we have a jumping community in place we are ready to unveil the full game to all

- Full-game Release
- Play to earn ecosystem release
- NFT integration-ready
- NFT Release
- New themes
- Weekly tournaments
- Game Collaborations with other projects
- Game improvements
- Jumpworld UI/UX development
- Jumpworld Release
- Token Holder Airdrops

Phase 4

At last we reach the mobile version of XJumper. This will play a massive role in our global marketing campaign.

- Mobile game launch
   - IOS
   - Android
- Launch new game modes
- Improved game mechanics
- Token Holder Airdrops

Meet the Team

Each of the founding team members brings a valuable skill to the table that ensures we will jump to success.


Peter is the founder of XJumper. He is an early XRP believer who built up a large capital through investing in crypto. He is an individual with a thorough understanding of both the NFT & Crypto space. He loves chicken and everything that has to do with making people happy!



Jack is a finance geek with a passion for cryptocurrency trading. He loves everything that has to do with both numbers and graphs. He’s run multiple finance and trading communities whilst becoming very knowledgeable on NFTs. He finds NFTs on the XRPL very interesting as he understands that we are at the beginning of something massive!

Community Manager


Mohammed played a key role, in the sell-out of multiple well-known NFT projects on the Ethereum & Solana blockchain. Prior to being active in the NFT market, he was the CEO of a marketing agency that assisted E-commerce companies in their marketing operations.

Marketing Manager


Ali is the head of development. He is the software mastermind behind all of our front-end and back-end development. If he could marry his computer, he definitely would… Ali’s extensive experience gives us peace of mind knowing our backend systems have been developed by the best.



When Ersel is not playing the XJumper game, he is developing it. He is the best of the best when it comes to solving puzzles and understands exactly what components the best play-to-earn game ever made needs…



Vardan is the Picasso of XJumper. If you like what you see in the Sneak Peeks channel, it’s all thanks to him. Vardan was so focused on perfecting our collection that he locked himself up in his home office to make our beautiful collection of over 250+ traits.

NFT Design (Traits)


Still have a question that hasn’t been answered? Jump into our Discord and reach out to us. If we take longer than 24H to respond you will get a free NFT.

It’s a brand that’s working to create a collective ecosystem on the XRPL. Our goal is to be more than simply another NFT project. As a project, we will be providing the entire XRPL community with a game that can connect and bring all these individual projects together, as a collective.
Jumpworld is a platform that allows external projects to use our enjoyable web-based game to boost both their engagement and exposure through collaboration.
  • $XJMP Tokens
  • Cash prizes when playing our game post mint. We give away prizes to NFT holders who make it onto our leaderboards. We will be hosting multiple weekly tournaments! Cash prizes will be paid out in XRP. The XRP paid out will come from our public sale and the allocated tokens from the reward pool

Games and tournaments must be played directly by humans. The use of bots, ML, AI, pets, extra terrestrials, or other means will get your Crypto Jumper banned permanently from playing and future staking. If you believe you have been banned by mistake please join our discord to appeal.